Todays Selections


3:00 Brighton Benhavis Lost 3.9 +£4.40

4:40 Haydock Sforzando Won 5.4 -£12.75

4:50 Yarmouth Billy One Punch Lost 5.5 +£2.83

5:10 Haydock Daweyrr Lost 3.3 +£7.39


5:40 Folkestone Jack Dawson Lost 5.9 +£2.60

6:00 Bath Arabiyah Lost 5.0 +£3.19

6:40 Folkestone Limonia Lost 5.8 +£2.66

8:30 Bath Jucebabe Lost 4.0 +£4.25

Wow we got some selections today. I wasn’t so strict with the rule on picking the horse with the odds today. I stayed within the odds still but I didn’t worry to much on how bigger gap there was between the horse on either side of the chosen 1. In the manual the author doesn’t make it absolutely clear what the difference should be. If I had stayed being as stricted as I had been there would have been no selectons in the daytime for definite. I will carry on doing it this way for the moment and just keep an eye on the more stricter way that I have been doing it. Today was also the 1st day I have had a horse with odds that I could stake with 4 points instead of the normal 3. Today the bank has gone upto £227.32, it will be £4.55 per point tomorrow.