Todays Selections


2:15 Newton Abbot Knightsbrige Hill Lost 4.9 +£3.78

3:00 Brighton Ishibee Won 4.9 -£14.76

3:15 Newton Abbot Magical Henry Lost 6.0 +£2.95

4:00 Brighton Susie May Won 3.3 -£19.68

5:15 Newton Abbot Prince De Bersy Lost 5.9 +£3.01


7:00 Musselburgh Drink To Me Only Lost 5.3 +£3.43

What a completely awful day, it’s definitely been 1 of those days. The 2nd 4 point lay since we started and it won with another winning to. The bank has had a nasty hit and it’s now at £224.62. Thats nearly half our profit gone in 1 day but at least it’s still showing a profit overall. One thing I don’t like is the staking plan they offer with this system. We are back down to £4.49 per point tomorrow.