Todays Selections


1:50 Newbury Birkside Lost 5.9 +£3.21

2:50 Newbury Kahara Won 3.1 -£20.96

5:30 Newmarket Bond Boy Lost 3.8 +£5.61


6:05 Newcastle Dalkey Girl Lost 3.9 +£5.42

6:25 Bath Victory Mile Won -£15.72

7:05 Newcastle Spell Casting Won -£15.72

Unbelievably the last day of testing and we get 3 winners. The bank ended up at £223.96.


With this system it’s very easy to use and it does seem to work in the long run. The author doesn’t make the rules absolutely clear and you would have to play around with it to see what works and what doesn’t. From my personal experience I found that Irish races you should not touch, it actually could be a better backing system for the Irish races. Quite a few lays would win but I haven’t check this properly to see if it would make a profit. I found it better to make your selections at the start of the day rather than just before the off. Where you are looking at the 2nd favourite, quite often that horse would drift right out before the off and another has taken it’s place. Which that horse could be the true 2nd favourite and is more likely to win than your chosen one. At the start of the test I was quite strict with the rule on finding that 2nd favourite and the gap between the 1st and 3rd favourite but I found you could go for days without selections. By loosening up on that rule you would always get at least 1 selection aday. The only annoying thing is you can’t do the evening races at the same time as you do the daytime selections because some races may not have enough liquidity in it at midday. You have to come back an hour or so before the off for the evening races to make your selections.

The staking plan I didn’t like with all this points and adjusting it with different odds. You would have to do all these calculations. A staking plan like the one used for Racing Unlocked is much simpler and much more effective. By using the Racing Unlocked staking plan the bank would be showing £368.70. You can see the difference with 2 different staking plans and what the out come could be.

My final word is YES this system passes the test and does work. It can be a little scary with a bad day but that is to be expected. With the right staking plan you can make a good profit with it.

You can get Laying Seven here: