Daytime Selections

2:10 Leicester Lady Nova 5.7 Lost +£2.41

2:50 Hamilton Regal Raider 4.4 Lost +£3.34

4:35 Hamilton Peintres Wonder 5.9 Lost +£2.31

4:50 Cartmel Star Galaxy 5.96 Lost +£2.29

5:20 Cartmel Pound Sign 5.9 Lost +£2.31


6:10 Sandown Sailor At Sea 5.1 Won -£11.34

7:45 Sandown Copper King 5.5 Lost +£2.52

It was a shame to get a winner this evening after having such a good day. So far from testing the system I do seem to be getting the winners in the evening rather than the daytime. Let see if this holds during the course of the test. The bank is slowly going back up, it’s now standing at £192.74. Tomorrow it will be £3.85 per point.