Hello everybody,

My name is Alex Shaylor for the next 4 or 5 weeks I’m going to test out a new Laying system which has only been out for the last few weeks. It is called Laying Seven. I have had a chance to try it out for the past few days and it looks quite promising but depending on what time you go to pick your horses for the day will change your choice of selection.

There are no selections today because I tried to pick my horses at about 8am this morning and for a few factors there were no selections at that time. From now on I will be making my daytime selections between 1 and 2pm everyday. Then if I’m around I will make my evening selections an hour or 2 before the racing starts. I will split this up into daytime and evening selections but I will just use 1 bank for this.

I shall run this test Mon-Fri and possibly at the weekend if I’m around. I’ll start with a bank off £200 using the staking plan provided. This works to a point scheme where 1 point is 2% of the bank. For odds upto 3.5 I have a liabilty of 4 points and for odds at 3.6 upto 6.0 it will be 3 points liability. I’ll never bet on any horse with odds above 6.0 on Betfair. With the staking I will keep the same liability during the day and only change it at the start of the day.