Following the huge success of Laying Summer Profits, Laying Autumn Profits and Laying Winter Profits, the fourth and final chapter in this seasonal laying system has now arrived.

Laying Spring Profits (like the other three in the family) focuses on what works during the spring months. This system has not had a losing month in the last five years.

You can find your selections the night before, and place your bets before you go to work in the morning, so there is no need to be in front of the computer waiting to see if your horse might qualify.

Using the system is simple, and it literally only takes about 10 minutes to find your selections for the day.

The system is actually two in one. You get one system for March and one for both April and May and with the system manual you also get two videos showing you exactly how to identify the bets for the day.

If you prefer to have the bets worked out for you, Chris also provides a selection service with a large discount available at the moment.

You can get Laying Spring Profits here:

or if you prefer to use the selection service, you can join for a discount here: