Laying Autumn Profits is based on a similar methodology to the summer system in as much that it focuses on what works during the season it is designed for. What works for a system in the spring for example, won’t necessarily work profitably in the autumn as well. This is partly why Laying Summer Profits is so successful, and why Laying Autumn Profits has such an amazing success record.

Here are some statistics regarding Laying Autumn Profits over the last 5 years: –

• Using advised stakes, has doubled the bank every autumn for the last 5 years
• Only one losing month in the last 5 years
• Has made 13 points profit per month for the last 5 years
• Total profit to £100 level stakes over the last 5 years totals: £20,075
• Average strike rate over the last 5 years is 73.20%
• Produces 2.5 selections on average per day
• Takes between 10-20 mins to make your selections per day, and is simple to use

Laying Autumn Profits is a lay betting system designed to be used for on the UK flat horse races during the autumn months of September, October & November. The selection criteria is based around a sound methodology and has a remarkable ability to find value lay bets. The liability is very low, with the average lay odds being 3.4.

I have known the author for several years now, and can vouch for his professionalism and integrity. His support is excellent, and his commitment to detail is the outstanding.

I personally use the summer system, and have made good profit with it. I am now very much looking forward to using this Laying Autumn Profits, as it is a follow on from the summer system, and if it performs like Laying Summer Profits, and like it has over the last five years, then I will certainly be very happy.

I highly recommend both of these systems, but as we are approaching the autumn, I urge you to not delay so that you are ready to take advantage of the system at the start of the autumn season.

The method will be priced at £97 just before the start of September but they are offering a 30% discount for people that wish to buy it now and I think it’s a great investment for a method you can use year in, year out.

You can get Laying Autumn Profits here:

Also, for those (like me) that don’t have the time to work out the bets themselves, then you don’t need to buy the method at all, as they run an e-mail service with each days bets.

You can join the service here:

UPDATE 1st October

One month into the three month season and the bank currently stands at 11.03 points or £1103 profit at £100 stakes, after Betfair commission has been deducted at 5%.

You can join Laying Autumn Profits here: