A while ago Graham noticed that I was including Irish races in my LayPro88 evaluation and asked me if I thought it made a difference.

Well, I finally got round to looking at the results and seeing what the overall effect would be if I removed the Irish races. The results were quite interesting.

If we take all the races that I have followed since I started looking at the system back in September, then the current overall position is:

Overall (including Irish races)
Bets: 467
Wins: 410
Strike Rate: 87.8%
P/L: £3,410.50 (136.42 points)
P/L High Point: £4,081.75 (163.27 points)
P/L Low Point: £-646.75 (-25.87 points)

Overall (excluding Irish races)
Bets: 342
Wins: 301
Strike Rate: 88.0%
P/L: £3,528.25 (141.13 points)
P/L High Point: £3,805.25 (152.21 points)
P/L Low Point: £-252.00 (-10.08 points)

So what conclusions can we draw from this?

The system purports to have a strike rate of 88% – this appears to be borne out in both cases, albeit the strike rate is slightly higher if Irish races are excluded.

Removing Irish races from the mix seems to give a better return – it certainly appears to affect the profit highs and lows and therefore is more likely to protect your bank.

I will continue to test using both UK and Irish races, and do a follow-up to this post when I summarise the system in the New Year.