Well after another crap day I have decided to stop this test. After a weeks use the system is running at a hefty loss. I realise that a week is not long enough to test something but it seems that a system like this that takes no notice of form or past performance for the selections is more or less relying on luck. For example a horse could meet the criteria of the system but be a well fancied outsider that has steamed down in price. On the other hand Grahams test seems to be working well so I guess I just picked the wrong one! Of course with the greyhorsebot it was impossible to use the suggested staking plan, and this could in theory boost the profit but I think the stakes would get ridiculous with 2 or 3 losses close together (which happened during the test). This system perhaps deserves a longer test using it without the bot so that the staking plan can be tried out, but as it is im afraid I cant give this system my recommendation since the manual states a profit should be made even to level stakes.

(From Graham: Thanks Chris. I do think one week is not long enough to get a fair overview of this systems performance so I have asked Craig if he can take over once he’s finished testing Lay Formula.)