My name is Alistair Moffatt and I will be taking over the testing of the LayPro88 system from Chris. In terms of betting, I am a relative novice – having only started looking at it in the last 12 months. I’m a naturally cautious person so I will always paper-trade a new system before committing any of my hard-earned cash.

Chris has already explained the basics around LayPro88, so I won’t cover old ground. However, I think it is useful to reiterate that the criteria used to make the selections are taken just before the start of a race, so you have to either sit in front of your computer all afternoon, or set up a bot to do the betting for you. 

I have been paper-trading with the LayPro88 system since the 24th September, using the system on both UK and IRE races. I’ve kept fairly detailed records of my paper bets to date, so I thought it might be interesting to share the results of the system so far.

The results given below are based on an initial stake of £25.

September 2007
Total number of bets: 27
Winning lay bets: 23
Strike rate: 85.2%
Profit/Loss: £267.75 (10.71pts)

October 2007
Total number of bets: 200
Winning lay bets: 179
Strike rate: 89.5%
Profit/Loss: £2,381.25 (95.25pts)

November 2007
Total number of bets: 176
Winning lay bets: 151
Strike rate: 85.8%
Profit/Loss: £-477.75 (-19.11pts)

December 2007 (so far)
Total number of bets: 23
Winning lay bets: 19
Strike rate: 82.6%
Profit/Loss: £-176.25 (-7.05pts)

Of course, summarised monthly P/L figures do not give the whole story, as the staking plan associated with the system can produce some very high stakes as it seeks to recover any losses over the next 5 races.  With a high strike rate, this should be OK; but shortish runs of losing lays can result in your bank being severely damaged – see the P/L highs and lows below.

September   High: £267.75;   Low: £-463.25
October       High: £2,680.25; Low: £-111.25
November    High: £1,261.75; Low: £-3,466.75

Gulp!!  It’s clear that you need an extraordinarily healthy bank in order to run this system as originally specified.

Selections and updated P/L position to follow on a daily basis (hopefully!)