I’ve reached the end of my month’s long trial of the LayTriGGer system, so it’s time to reflect on my findings.

As the name suggests, the LayTriGGer system is a laying system that comes with an associated staking plan. The system comes in the form of a short (7 page) eBook, which is well presented and easy to read, and a spreadsheet for recording the results and helping to determine the next stake to be used.

The system requires you to monitor the markets just before each race so, to get the best out of the system, you really need to use a betting bot. The recommended bot is MarketFeeder Pro, and you can buy an add-on to the system which provides the necessary trigger files, so operation just becomes a process of starting MarketFeeder Pro, loading all qualifying races and then sitting back whilst the bot does all the work.

According to the eBook, the system enjoys a 91% strike rate and is expected to make profits using both the included staking plan and at level stakes. For the trial, I decided to use a £25 base stake and to keep records using both staking plans.

The trial ran for one month and during that time a total of 269 bets were made. 242 of these were successful lay bets and 27 were unsuccessful – giving us a calculated strike rate of 90.33%, which is in line with the strike rate given in the eBook. The average odds for these bets was 11.35.

Using the supplied staking plan, we enjoyed a healthy return of £1,038.54 (+41.54 points). Unfortunately at level stakes, we were less fortunate and ended the trial with a loss of £-427.30 (-17.09 points).

So, on the face of it, a successful trial period. +41 points in a month is certainly not to be sniffed at.  However, just like with Betalay and LayPro88,  the system is subject to massive swings in fortune and fluctuations in the bank, so if you are intending to follow it, I would suggest that you have a bank of at least 250 points in order to cope with the volatility.

Turning to level stakes, a strike rate of ~90% would require the average odds to be around 10.0 in order to turn a profit long-term.  The trial period showed an average odds figure that was slightly higher than that, so making a long-term profit at level stakes would be touch and go.

There is certainly an element of chance with this particular system, so I would suggest you treat it with caution. The inability to make a long-term profit at level stakes would suggest that there is no overall edge over the market, and therefore the use of any recovery staking plan would be somewhat risky.

Ultimately, any decision to follow the LayTriGGer system would be a calculated risk. If you like a steady income without the highs and lows of recovery staking, then I would give this system a miss.  However, if you like to take risks then you can make some good short-term returns, but be prepared to have “balls of steel” to see out the rollercoaster ride that this system will give you.

Overall, I would give this system a NEUTRAL rating as it’s lack of edge long-term means that it’s adoption would be a high-risk strategy.

You can get LayTriGGer here: