After a break to recharge my batteries (well, actually to concentrate on my day job!), I’m back with another Lay system to test out.  This month, I’ll be looking at the LayTriGGer system.

The LayTriGGer system comes as the usual eBook which describes a method that is somewhat similar to both the Betalay and LayPro88 systems. Two staking plans are included in the book – the standard Flat staking plan and a fairly standard recovery staking plan.

The system lends itself to automation, so it is fairly simple to set-up many of the available bots to carry out the betting automatically, thereby removing you from having to spend the day glued to the computer.  Uniquely (at least as far as I am aware), you can also purchase the necessary files to run the system using MarketFeeder Pro. This makes running the system as simple as firing up MarketFeeder Pro and selecting today’s races according to the filters in the eBook.

I’ll report summary results for each day, showing the P/L for each of the two staking plans. Successful bets indicate losing horses (i.e. successful lay bets). I’ll use a default stake of £25 for the test.

Results for Saturday 21st June

Bets placed: 14
Successful bets: 13
Unsuccessful bets: 1

Today’s P/L (Flat Staking): -76.80
Today’s P/L (Recovery Staking): 18.80

Total P/L (Flat Staking): -76.80
Total P/L (Recovery Staking): 18.80