Yesterdays Results:-

Including odds and position  

3.05 HAY Levera  2.78  5th
3.40 HAY Borderlescott  2.54  2nd
8.30 WAR Orama´s Ghost  2.46  3rd  

Oh dear! However, I still very confident in this system. So for those of you who are saying, “Here we go again”, let me give you some statistics to bring you back to the land of positive belief. Remember, I used this system last month. Total profit for the two months so far is 14.97 Pts. Thats still £1497 up. So I reckon (and am hoping) we are just experiencing a bad patch. We have still got plenty of the month to go to find out.  

Month Profit:-

-0.98 Pts

-£98 (at £100 level stakes).