Yesterdays Results:-

Including odds and position  

 2.15 YOR Anna Pavlova  2.2  2nd
2.45 YOR Authorized  2  1st
5.55 FOL Quarrymount 2.38  2nd
6.55 FOL Lowlander  2.94  3rd
7.55 FOL Pristeen Spy  2.9  4th  

What a pants day for racing yesterday! Most of the systems I using lost money yesterday. There were some really unexpected losers. A strange day! Oh well, onwards and upwards.

I thought I’d update you on the strike rate of ‘The Legacy’ since I’ve been using it with my first bet being on 30th March 07. So far it’s on 42.03%, which is still good as we are going through a bit of a losing patch so normaly it’s a little higher. I’m still pleased with the system as I use the Cash Master software with it so even for this month I’m still in profit.  

Month Profit:-

-2.23 Pts

– £223 (at £100 level stakes).