Overall Review  

Well, looking at this month you’re probably thinking ‘well, that was a waste of a month’. Nothing lost (well £2.00 to be exact), nothing gained. You would be right to think this. However, I actually started using this system the month before (the 30th March gave the first bet to be precise). April gave a staggering level stake profit of 15.95Pts. Thats £1595 at £100 a point. So for the two months combined I still 14.94Pts up. I think May was just an unlucky month.

And even more however, with real money Ive actually been using the Cash Master software and The Legacy in May worked out to be one of my most profitable systems. This just proves how powerful and profitable this bit of simple software can be. So if you havent got a copy what are you waiting for. (Okay thats enough selling Grahams software. I look forward to my royalties Graham).

So my verdict is The Legacy is defiantly worth purchasing. I gonna continue using the Cash Master software with it but also keep track of level stakes so after one year I can have a true comparison. I have heard from a couple of sources that it doesnt perform so well in the National Hunt season as it is more of a Flat Season system although it doesnt mention this in the instructions. In fact it says it’s for all year round. Just a thought for you. The strike rate for the total time Ive been using it is 41.67%, which I would say blows away many systems.

The great thing about this system is that you get another system with it called The Saver system. Graham The Cash Master Jedi Master has already approved this system. I also give it a thumbs up. Ive added a few more filters, which I think increases the strike rate but does lower the amount of bets. It’s just a matter of preference really. I avoid Towcester (on all my systems), no handicaps (which youve probably worked out from my other blogs, I don’t bet on handicaps), and I avoid races over 14 runners. Since 23rd March 07 this has given a 47.54%. Even more impressive, huh? Again Ive been using the Cash Master software.

If any one has already bought these systems but are using another kind of staking plan I would be interested in hearing about it.

Enjoy your winnings everyone!


You can get the Legacy and Saver system here:



Update October 2009

It’s been a couple of years since we reviewed The Legacy and the Saver Systems so I thought I’d give an update on how they have performed.

As you would expect with any racing system there have been months where it made significant profits and months where losses were made. I’m pleased to report that the winnings far exceeded the losses. The rest of 2007 made another 78 points profit at SP for the Legacy and 42 points for the Saver.

2008 gave us another 75 points for the Legacy and 40 points for the Saver at SP and so far this year the Legacy has made 54 points profit with the Saver making 26 points.

At £100 level stakes that’s a total of £31,500 clear profit at SP and no doubt quite a bit more if using Betfair.

Even more interesting is that if you were to use the Safe Bet Plan software (https://www.cash-master.com/safebetplan.php) to work out the stakes for you instead of level staking since 2008 then your profit would be £40,710 at SP.

The selections for both systems can be found in minutes and bets placed in the morning before work if necessary, so it’s a great system to add to your portfolio if you don’t already use it.

You can get The Legacy and Saver System here: