Check out this testimonial:

“Real profits from a realistic system, I have actually beaten your monthly profit figures by simply betting 10% of my bank at all times, so where you have £5,360 to £50 level stakes for 2012, I actually made over £8,300 last year and from a smaller starting stakes! Then took £5,300 out and carried on betting with the remaining £3,000 at 10% of bank at all times, so first bet of £300. Now using Betfair & Betdaq as the bookies don’t want to know.”
Kristian C

We reviewed The Legacy and Saver System way back in June 2007, and did an update in October last year. It remains one of the most stable and consistent of all the betting systems we’ve reviewed over the years.

It’s a simple bet & go, mechanical system where you bet in races that meet the right criteria at certain courses. Over the years we’ve tested a lot of mechanical systems and most fail to produce results over the long term. The Legacy and Saver system, by contrast, has performed year after year after year.

Unsurprisingly, it performed well again this year:

Month   Legacy   Saver System
Jan          -3.00      +13.00
Feb          +6.50      -1.50
Mar         +7.40     -1.30
Apr          +3.90     +12.70
May         +3.70     +4.70
Jun            -7.00     +7.80
Jul            +9.50      +4.40
Aug          +15.65     +13.35
Sep           +3.60       -11.00
Oct            -6.90       +14.70
Nov           +13.40   -1.20
Dec           -2.40        +11.80 (To 14th)

Combined Profit @ Betfair SP So far in 2013: +111.80
Total Profit @ £100 Level Stakes = £11,180
Total Profit @ £50 Level Stakes = £5,590

2012 finished with a profit of 107.2 points which is £5360 to £50 stakes but, as you can see from the above testimonial, betting to 10% of bank produced £8300 profit for one user!

Check out some of these testimonials:

“I seen the Legacy advertised in the Racing Post around a decade ago but never considered it due to shift patterns, but now semi-retired I have been using it since May and its just what I’ve been looking for! A clever worked out system with consistent gains rather than massive profits one month followed by equal or greater losses the next, so well done to all involved. No wonder its been around for so long! Also, should I double my stake when the Legacy & Saver System arrive at the same selection?”
Walter Challinor – Melton, Leic.

“I started with a small loss in January 2010 but I was determined to give this one a good go as I’ve seen it on sale for many years in the Racing Post so thought there must be something in it. Glad I did, by mid year I am up £2,880 to £50 win bets which is fantastic for me as it’s the first time I’ve actually made a profit from my horse race betting, although I do manage a profit with my football betting using my own little method. So many thanks for your well thought out system that is making a nice profit for me!”
Tim Ledger of Marple, Cheshire

“Great winner finding system and more importantly for me very simple to use when you get the hang of it. I have made profits for 3 months on the bounce. I am also using the staking plan you advise which has increased my profits every month so far.”
Graham Simes of Tamworth

“I have increased my Betfair account by around €3,900 since February which is not bad considering I have missed every Sunday betting. Thanks A Million!”
S. Twoomey – Sligo, Ireland

So there you have it, The Legacy is a solid, robust long term system that should be part of everyones betting arsenal. If you want to make a profit from horse racing in 2014, get it here:Approved2