Wednesday 16 July and very straightforward.  Five races onto the watchlist and all passed The Racing Post test.  Two ended up as qualifying although I will comment on the second one as some of you may have missed it.  First the results.

Lingfield 4.20.  Layed Master of Arts at 1.77.  Lost £7.70.  Next race increase to £20.

Catterick 5.00.  Layed Next of Kin at 2.00.  Profit £19 after commission.  Next race back to £10.

I was watching the prices on the second race in the 10 minutes prior to the off and initially the criteria were not being met.  Then as prices altered the criteria were met ( just ) so I went ahead and layed the bet.  Almost immediately the price on the favourite drifted very quickly and the criteria were never met again.  If you missed that very short time slot then you would not have layed this bet.  Little Acorns clearly state that if the criteria are met at any time then the bet qualifies even if prices then alter to make it non-qualifying.  As it was a winner I am glad I spotted the opportunity.

Profit to date £32.04.