I will always struggle to carry out the 10.00am check on a Saturday due to other committments and this weekend I could not make the 10.00am check on Sunday.  Before you start thinking lie-ins and papers in bed I am afraid that is a distant memory, my excuse is just a busy life.  What I did was run through the card at around midday on both days and put everything on the watchlist.  Ten on Saturday and eight on Sunday, three failing The Racing Post test and ultimately just one lay, unfortunately a losing bet.  Looking at the races selected I think it is unlikely anything would have qualified at 10.00am and gone on to give us a winning bet.

Haydock Park 7.40.  Layed Welsh Emporer at 1.90.  Lost 18.00.  Next stake £30.
Profit to date £9.94.

Very quiet during the testing period so far but we are not quite half way through.  Lets hope for more races that meet all the criteria in the second half.