In my previous report I noted that I was unable to carry out the 10.00am checks on Saturday and Sunday.  I am informed that the 4.15 at Market Rasen did qualify at this time and went on to produce a winning bet.  I will however not count it in my figures as I did not lay it.

Monday 21 July produced a very short list of three qualifying races and one to watch.  All passed The Racing Post test so some definite lays today.  The only one on the watchlist did not qualify prior to the off so I turned my attention to the 3.15 at Yarmouth.  The horse I had selected to lay, Shadow Bay, was withdrawn, leaving a new odds-on favourite and a qualifying race.  With the withdrawal of my chosen lay I decided to give the race a miss, which turned out to be the right decision.  I am not sure how Little Acorns would have treated this situation.

Other two races as follows:

Windsor 6.20.  Layed Institute at 2.0.  Bet won – profit 28.50 after commission.

Beverley 6.30.  Layed Metroland at 1.67.  Bet lost 6.70.  Next stake £20
Profit to date  £31.77