One of those days yesterday, Tuesday 22nd., and other committments disrupted my Little Acorns schedule.  Carried out the early check at around 10.40  and no qualifying races, although the 2.15 at Yarmouth was really close.  It may have qualified at 10.00 but at this moment in time I do not know.  Anyhow, eight on the watchlist, one then failed The Racing Post test so seven to monitor.  The 2.15 at Yarmouth was ultimately way out in the period prior to the off so no lay.  Bet would have lost.

Next disruption came at 5.00pm when I had to go out and was not due back until around 8.00pm.  There were three races on my watchlist in this period and I looked at them all around 4.45.  The 7.30 at Bangor looked promising but I took the cowards way out and did not lay it.  Correct decision this time as the horse won.

So end of a frustrating day.  Carry forward profits of £9.94 and next stake £30.