Report for Wednesday 23 July and for the second day running I was unable to check Betfair at 10.00am.  When I was able to check, around 10.45am, there were no qualifying races.  Eight went onto the watchlist and all passed The Racing Post test.  The 3.30 at Lingfield was interesting as in the period prior to the off the race qualified so I laid Zebrano at 1.92 and almost immediately his price shortened and the prices of the other horses drifted quite noticeably and he went off a very strong favourite.  If you had missed the short time frame when the race qualified you would not have layed it so it is so important to watch the prices carefully leading up to the off and I think experience will show you when you expect a race to possibly qualify.  The horse duly obliged and came in 3rd.

Lingfield 3.30.  Layed Zebrano at 1.92.  Bet won – profit after commission £28.50  Back to £10 lay next race.

Leicester 6.45. Layed Burning Flute at 2.00.  Bet lost £10.  Lay next race £20.
Profit to date £28.44.