Straightforward day and a profit.  No qualifying races at 10.00am and twelve onto the watchlist.  One failed The Racing Post test leaving eleven to monitor prior to the off.  This may seem a lot of races to revisit but the procedure is very quick and simple and you can often tell immediately if you have a potential lay or not.  I have seen the question raised on another forum how easy is Little Acorns to operate if you are at work. My opinion is you really do need to have regular access to your computer during racetimes and if this fit’s in with your work schedule then fine.  If you are combining Little Acorns with any other systems then as long as you are organised by 1.30pm then barring unforeseen interruptions everything should run smoothly.  If you are a bit hit and miss with your betting and do not follow correct procedures then I am afraid you are going to lose money in the long term.  Anyhow I have gone off at a tangent so back to today.

Only one race qualified and that was a winner.

4.10 at Wolverhampton.  Layed Mister Green at 1.94.  Profit £19 after commission.  Back to £10 stake.

Profit to date £47.44.