Plenty of action Saturday 26 July and a strange one in the 6.35 at Salisbury.  Being Saturday I am not around for the early check so my list was prepared around 11.45am.  One qualifying race and eleven onto the watchlist.  Three failed The Racing Post test and the first race to look at was not until 4.15.  Before I list the results I will give a brief summary of the 6.35 at Salisbury.  The race qualified prior to the off and I entered my stake but as money moves so fast in this period I could not get an immediate match as the price had drifted in a matter of seconds.  A few minutes passed and it looked as if my price was not going to be touched again so I cancelled my bet.  Very soon the race qualified again and I entered my bet and exactly the same thing happened again but this time the price drifted quickly and substantially to leave the horse no longer odds-on.  I did not take the bet at over 2.00.  The horse, Talk of Saafend, went on to win his race so those of you who were matched at under 2.00 would have lost their bet.  My records will not show this race as I was unmatched.

York 4.15.  Layed Captain Ellis at 1.70.  Profit £9.50 after commission.

Lingfield 5.50.  Layed Amicable Terms at 1.73.  Loss £7.30.

Lingfield 6.50.  Layed You’ve Been Mowed at 1.79.  Profit £19.00 after commission.

Salisbury 7.05.  Layed Elnawin at 1.56.  Loss £5.60.  First stake tomorrow £20.

Profit to date £63.04