I did not quite run the trial for the full month but I have been able to form an opinion as to what is required to make this system work efficiently.  Little Acorns is a low risk laying system on Betfair that selects odds-on favourites considered likely to lose.  To be fully effective and to maximise your profits you really need to run this system every raceday so it is one for the serious punter.  A selection process needs to be carried out each morning, ideally before 10.00am, and you end up with definite horses to lay and those to go onto a watchlist.  Those on the watchlist are looked at again in the 15 minutes prior to the race and you are looking for certain criteria to be met to see if you are going to lay the favourite.  I cannot in this report say what all the relevant criteria are as that would not be fair to Little Acorns but the whole procedure is not at all time consuming.

The system can be purchased for a one-off payment of £97 and the instruction book is very easy to follow.  Little Acorns publish their results once a month on their website and there is a steady growth in profits.  Two staking plans are in the instructions, one more aggressive than the other, and over the last three months the longest losing sequence has been four and this is comfortably accounted for.  It is inevitable at some stage a longer losing sequence will occur and some subscribers may then be uncomfortable with the increasing stakes.  If past history is a guide this will happen infrequently and one option would be to write off the losses after five losing bets and reverting back to the one point stake, rather than continue with the staking plan if that was getting out of your comfort zone.

I have run a number of queries past Little Acorns during this trial and they have been most helpful.  A concern of mine was to ensure I was using exactly the same criteria as them so my results matched theirs.  This has led to a couple of ideas, one of which is being seriously looked at.  That is for Little Acorns to offer a subscription service for a modest monthly fee where they would do the morning selections of definite qualifiers and a watchlist, and then email them to subscribers.  The onus would of course then be on the subscriber to monitor the races in the fifteen minutes prior to the off.  The other idea to consider is using a bot to do the selection process for you.  I have not explored the practical side of doing this but those of you using a bot, such as Grey Horse Bot, may have already considered this.  Graham would appreciate some feedback on this from anyone using an automated selection process.

I will continue to use this system as part of my betting portfolio as I like the low risk element.  I think this is so important with a laying system.  I am sure we have all had our fingers burned at some stage by laying horses at around 7 and 8 and seen profits wiped out over two or three races.  So onto the approved list for Little Acorns and I am confident the people behind it will strive to improve and fine tune it with the feedback they are getting.

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14 July 2014


I last did an update on this neat little system in February 2013 with the following results:

2008 = +219.04
2009 = +191.68
2010 = +109.66
2011 = +134.92
2012 = +76.92

Total 5 years +749.63

Well the results for last year were no different:

2013 = 127.24 points

And every month so far this year has produced a profit, so far totalling 42 points.

This is a solid, stable betting system and one that I’ve used for years now. It makes a small but regular profit to level stakes with very small liabilities, but a much more impressive profit using the recommended staking plan.

It’s very simple to use, takes only a couple of minutes a day, and can be used in conjunction with the Bet Engine to fully automate the process if you so desire.

check out this recent testimonial:

“I have been enthusiastic about Little Acorns ever since I bought it!

I started with a low Target and built this up to £100 per day! I do love the low liability of this laying system – Since January 4th I am showing a profit of £6074.25. This is not betting every day and when on holiday. I actually recorded the possible bets for 54 days from January 4th until June 12th, which averages £112.49 per day! I repeat, this was if I had used the system properly, if only I had!

My total winnings since April 1st 2010 is £32,084.75 starting with £30 Target. Increasing to £60 and then £100.”

You can get Little Acorns on a 30 day trial here:Approved2