I last did an update on this neat little system in February 2013 with the following results:

2008 = +219.04
2009 = +191.68
2010 = +109.66
2011 = +134.92
2012 = +76.92

Total 5 years +749.63

Well the results for last year were no different:

2013 = 127.24 points

And every month so far this year has produced a profit, so far totalling 42 points.

This is a solid, stable betting system and one that I’ve used for years now. It makes a small but regular profit to level stakes with very small liabilities, but a much more impressive profit using the recommended staking plan.

It’s very simple to use, takes only a couple of minutes a day, and can be used in conjunction with the Bet Engine to fully automate the process if you so desire.

check out this recent testimonial:

“I have been enthusiastic about Little Acorns ever since I bought it! 

I started with a low Target and built this up to £100 per day! I do love the low liability of this laying system – Since January 4th I am showing a profit of £6074.25. This is not betting every day and when on holiday. I actually recorded the possible bets for 54 days from January 4th until June 12th, which averages £112.49 per day! I repeat, this was if I had used the system properly, if only I had!

My total winnings since April 1st 2010 is £32,084.75 starting with £30 Target. Increasing to £60 and then £100.”

You can get Little Acorns on a 30 day trial here: