Just a quick update to let you know that anyone purchasing Little Acorns between now and the end of August will receive a new bonus Place Lay System.

It’s a system that the vendor and a few LA users came up with and is very low risk and wins small amounts on more days than not.

Here are the recent results:

MARCH: 2014 = +18.23
APRIL: 2014 = +22.15
MAY: 2014 = +42.05
JUNE: 2014 = +7.95
JULY: 2014 = +14.40

5 Months Total is +104.78 Points Profit

And here’s a testimonial on the system:

“Just a quick update. Don’t get me wrong, the original little acorns strategy is sound and proving a nice slow burner to date. But the place laying strategy currently seems to be absolutely phenomenal!

Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out in the longer run because so far it’s been very profitable.

With discipline I don’t see how these systems can fail in the long run (but I suppose you already know that). Really suits my preferred approach as well.”

You can get the excellent Little Acorns with the bonus system here: