Day 3 and frustrated again.  Checking the Betfair race schedule at 12.30 gave me three races with odds on favourites.  Two of these failed The Racing Post test and one looked as though it would fail the Little Acorns test but I kept it on my list to review later.  I also noted a further five races where the favourite was quoted between 2.0 and 2.5 for reviewing later.  One failed The Racing Post test so I was now set up for the day with my schedule.  I was due to go out at 4.30 for the rest of the evening so the later races I could only check at around 4.15 at the latest to see if any then qualified.  The 6.10 at Worcester was very close at this time and may well have qualified nearer the off but I followed the rules strictly and did not lay it.  As it turned out the bet would have won.  The race with the odds on favourite that looked earlier in the day that it would most likely fail the Little Acorns test still looked the same so I ended up having to draw a blank for the day.

With race meetings running from early afternoon to well into the evening you have to accept that you will miss odd lays as you cannot monitor all races every day of the week.  I do not see this as a problem with this system as you can lay well in advance if the criteria are met, you simply miss odd ones which meet the criteria nearer the off.  As long as you lay the majority then the system will work.