Thursday 10 July produced one winning bet, the 1.30 at Newmarket and would you believe I missed it.  I had an internet problem, which my good friend Dave resolved- what would I do without him – and when I checked the Betfair prices there were no qualifying races although a number went on the ‘to watch’ list.  I have been reliably informed that the 1.30 at Newmarket did qualify earlier in the day and if I had been able to pick it up then I would have layed it.  None of the races on the ‘to watch’ list qualified when rechecked.
I will count neither the Newmarket race nor the Worcester race from the previous day in my own winnings, as due to circumstances I could not lay them, but all credit to the system – it picked two out of two.  You will inevitably get problems as a bettor, as you can see from my experiences this week, where you do miss winners but conversely you will also miss qualifying races where the bet will lose.

I am going to slightly change my approach from today.  I will be checking Betfair around 10am and noting on my watch list favourites between 2.00 and 2.75 ( previously I was using 2.50 as my upper limit ).