Saturday 12 July was a really busy day with this system.  The early check produced no qualifiers but fourteen went on the watchlist.  I then realised my geography had been a little unreliable as I had included two races at Dundalk and the system clearly states no Irish races.  The remaining twelve passed the Racing Post test and eventually five races qualified.  I only monitored races in the ten to fifteen minutes prior to the race as recommended so it is possible if you sat at your PC all day you may possibly have matched one or two others but I cannot comment on this.  Little Acorns only recommend checking possibles just prior to the race and that is what I am doing.


Nottingham 2.00 Layed Select at 2.0. Bet won £19.00 after Betfair commission.  Back to £10 stake.

Nottingham 3.10 Layed Bahamian Ceilidh at 1.76.  Bet won £9.50 after Betfair commission.

Hamilton 7.10 Layed Little Jimbob at 1.72.  Bet lost £7.20 no commission. Increase stake to £20.

Salisbury 8.00 Layed Topazes at 1.82. Bet lost £16.36 no commission.  Increase stake to £30.

Salisbury 9.00 Layed Scuffle at 2.0. Bet lost £30.00 no commission. Increase stake to £50.

Loss on day £25.06

Cumulative loss £12.26.

At the time of writing this the first qualifying bet on Sunday went down so that is now a losing run of 4 and the stakes are increasing, £80 on next qualifying race.  Looking through the published results for May and June the longest losing sequence was three.