Not a good day.  One qualifying race in the early check and seven to watch.  One failed the Racing Post test leaving six to monitor closer to the off.  In the end it was only the early qualifier that met all the criteria and the bet lost.

Perth 2.40. Layed Frank Villez at 1.94.  Loss £47.00 no commission.

Losses to date £59.26.

With a losing run of 4 the next bet will require a stake of £80.  If race 5 wins it will leave an overall loss on the sequence of just over £20.  I think the systems loss recovery works on an average lay of 1.76 so if any lays in the sequence are between this figure and 2.0 then you do not recover all of your losses.  If I am wrong in my logic I will return to the point in a later post.
On busy days with plenty on the watch list you have to be very organised to ensure you can monitor everything.  For someone who goes out to work, as opposed to having a business based at home like myself, you may have to restrict yourself to evening meetings and weekends, assuming you have a 9 till 5.  Having said that the system will still work.