Report for Monday 14 July.  The mid-morning check produced six for the watchlist, all of whom passed The Racing Post test.  I was going to be away from my computer from late morning until around 3.00pm so the 2.20 at Newton Abbot was going to be a problem.  Taking my laptop into a meeting and then asking for the meeting to be suspended for 10 minutes was probably not going to get a positive reaction!  I therefore looked at whether the race would meet the criteria and it was possible.  I was also in possession of some other information which suggested this was a strong lay.  However I am trying to run this trial strictly by Little Acorns rules so I will not treat it as a bet.  I will try and find out before my next report if the race would have qualified nearer the off.
I must confess I layed it for £50, but I will be recording this bet in my records under another system.  I am pleased to say the bet was successful.

None of the other races qualified and in fact the horse selected for the 8.50 at Wolverhampton was withdrawn.