Final review

An oldie but goldie

There must be something to the Little Acorns laying system, because it’s been going for more than a decade (actually nearer two decades from invention), and you won’t find a negative review in any respected betting review site anywhere. Because the system lays favourites in horse races, when it loses – which it does regularly – the losses are easy enough to shrug off, knowing that a win won’t be too far away.

I bought this system a long time ago (probably more than a decade), and I stopped using it, so I need to explain why. Before I do so, though, I will explain what Little Acorns Gold is and how it differs from the original version.

With Little Acorns, you trawl through the races every day to look for potential lays, according to the formula in the manual, and if the odds are in the stated zone in the pre off-time market after it opens 10 minutes before the scheduled race time, you place the bet. With LA Gold, the difference is that the work is done for you and you receive an alert via a Telegram group on your mobile phone and/or email shortly before the market opens. Additionally, the system employs DES (Delayed Entry System) which you don’t get with the manual version. I’m not exactly sure what this is, and the manual doesn’t divulge too much about it, but it’s something to do with the stats which show when some odds on runners have won on any particular day, the later ones in the same odds range will be less likely to win. No, I don’t know either, but if it works, I don’t need to know!

So why did I stop using Little Acorns original? Two reasons. Firstly, although the daily time it took to find qualifying bets wasn’t significant, I coupled that with the speed of the reward and lost interest. LA Gold addresses that now that I don’t have to spend any time searching the markets; all I have to do is react to a few alerts a week and place the bets.

The other reason is that if you want to move to profitability in the shortest time, you need to use recovery staking, which is something I’ve always been averse to. In the original manual, the advised recovery sequence was the fibonnacci style sequence of 1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34 so if we had 8 losers in a row, that would be a total of 87 single stakes lost, a potential maximum of 87 points (this was changed later to include a double 1 at the start, so became 9 losers in a row). Of course, as we’re laying these runners at evens or shorter, it’s unlikely to be anywhere near 87 points loss, but I’m looking at how long it takes to make 87 points and my interest wanes. However, we all know that backing odds on selections is not the easy way to make an income from betting – in any sport. The actual results from Little Acorns demonstrate that the vast majority of months are winning months, and if you stick to the advice on bank and staking, there is not much to fear.

With LA Gold, the advised staking sequence is an 11-step fib sequence of 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-34-55. In 8 years of using the DES system, there was a single instance of a losing sequence, and even this event could be covered by the advised 140 points bank depending on the prices. The Little Acorns Gold alert service has slightly different filters to Little Acorns original and also includes Irish racing.

Both the original manual and the LA Gold manual go into great detail about staking and the various risk factors of each, so there is something to suit all types of bettors. It’s not imperative to use recovery staking, and there are other ways of ratcheting the profits, such as compounding, which can be used with or without recovery staking. Users can use level stake laying if they wish, it’s slower going but makes around 25-30pts per year that, when compounded over the years, can really build into nice monthly profits hence why they called it Little Acorns. Start small and build up.

So – if I hadn’t given up on this soon after purchase a decade ago, it would now be providing me with a very useful tax free second income, even if I had started with a tiny bank.

I have been following LA Gold since September, my longest fib step was to 21 (7 losing bets). There have been 155 lays, I did find that quite a lot of them were outside the qualifying odds range, but I acknowledge that I got to a lot of these late and missed the opportunity. This has yielded 16.5 points profit, which from a 120 point bank at 2% per point yielded £39 profit (note, the advised bank for this fib sequence is 140 points, had I employed that the profit would have been £46). However, I went through the exercise to see what would have happened if I had layed the runners outside the odds sequence (there were five from 1.15 to 1.49 and 37 from 2.02 to 2.91) and this would have yielded 24 points with no further risk, so £57 with my 120 point bank, or £67 to the advised 140 points bank.

It’s important to find the bank size and staking plan that you’re most comfortable with. LA Gold can be used for every bettor’s personality type. It’s a system which has longevity because it can’t be self defeating by successful users. There will always be plenty of liquidity available in the markets for favourites. So, yes, this does what it says on the tin, and I am happy to approve it.

There is currently a bonus offer of one month free of Little Acorns USA selections that has achieved these results since inception. These are also alerted to members in same way as LA GOLD selections:

Total Since launch:
June +6.07pts
July +1.34pts
August +2.16pts
September +2.31pts
October -0.30pts (Loss)
November +0.8pts
December +3.75pts
January +2.80pts
February +5.50pts
March (to 24th ) +5.70pts

You can get Little Acorns Gold here