Hi, my name is Ian Pretty. 

I had been looking for a little while to add a horse laying system to my betting portfolio and was put off by the risks in laying horses at longish odds.  It is so easy to have a successful run wiped out and worse.  Little Acorns took a different approach by laying odds-on favourites subject to other criteria being met.  For those of you familiar with laying and Betfair you will know what I am talking about but if you have not experienced this type of betting before then a brief explanation is needed.  Betfair is not a traditional bookmaker but an exchange where you have the opportunity to go the other side of the fence and become a bookmaker yourself or a layer.  The demos on the website are excellent and I have found them most helpful if you ring them with a query.  Familiarise yourself with how laying works before you tackle Little Acorns publication.

On to the system itself.   A one-off payment of £97 gives you a very easy to follow instruction manual of seventeen pages sent to you to download.  If you understand laying and Betfair then you will easily take in the system in less than an hour.  You also need to register on the Racing Post website, which takes a matter of minutes.  It works on all UK racing so you can operate the system to suit your working day.  I personally work from home in my day job and with planning could operate the system most days for all race meetings.  You do not have to be at your computer prior to each race so if the criteria are met you can lay your horses in advance and get on with the rest of your day.  If you go out to work and have internet access during the day ( without breaking company rules ! ), then fine, but if not then you are going to struggle to monitor all races and may have to settle for evening meetings and weekends.
During the morning log onto Betfair and scroll through all the UK races for the day and note all horses with a lay price between 1.5 and 2.0, these are obviously strong favourites.  You do not simply lay these horses as you have to look for other criteria on the remaining horses in those races.  I cannot say what, as that would give the system away, but what you are looking for is very straightforward and the whole process for all races will take you no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.  Armed with your list, which will be relatively short, you then go to the Racing Post website and look at each of the favourites you have written down and apply another check.  Very simple and takes around five minutes.  It is advisable to return to Betfairs list during the day and recheck some of the races that did not quite meet the criteria initially but may do so now as the volume of betting has increased.

My first day of testing was Monday 07 July and as I was comfortable with laying I used real money rather than just testing the system but used very modest stakes.  I had identified three definite races and one or two other possibilities if the odds moved in my favour.  As it turned out just the initial three met all the rules.

Brighton 3.30.  Layed Arabian Art at 1.95.  Bet won – £9.50 after Betfair commission.

Ripon 6.50.  Layed Lizzie Wiggins at 1.95.  Bet won – £9.50 after Betfair commission.

Ripon 9.20.  Layed La Sarrazine at 1.62.  Bet lost- £6.20 – no commission.

Profit for the day £12.80.

As my final selection lost, my first selection on Tuesday will be at an increased stake.  Do not panic as these increases are very manageable and will become clear as the trial proceeds.