I would normally give a service longer than two months for a review, but as this is a soccer in-play service with almost always odds-on prices, I feel the results will continue along the lines I have already recorded.

I was drawn into this by the marketing on Clickbank, through which it is sold. As you can see, it is claiming that you can make £200 a day by signing up to the alerts. I have often seen this figure claimed by betting systems, and it’s probably no coincidence that many of us look at that and think that we could actually live on that.

Here are the claims:


• Fits perfectly with your 9-5 – The system is able to churn out a HUGE number of bets on a daily basis but you don’t necessarily need to bet on all of them. You’ll be alerted exactly when to bet, how much to bet and where to place your bets.

• Takes less than “2 minutes of your time” – it’s quite simple. You’ll receive the LIVE ALERT and you’ll be given time to place your bet.

• A complete “no brainer” way to siphon off an easy second income with our bets- no fancy jargon, no complicated form data to analyse. Just receive, place and watch your bank grow.

• PROVE IT to yourself 100% risk free – you can paper trade the system first to test it out and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t do everything we say it does you get your money back, no questions asked.

It is risk free, as stated, as long as you are paper trading. Obviously, as soon as you bet with real money, it’s not risk-free.

The system can be used with bookies who accept in-play betting, but really this is geared towards Betfair. It works through Twitter, and once you’re signed up, you’re given access to the Twitter feed which you can then set up on your cell phone to receive alerts. I do really like this aspect of the service, it works efficiently and means that you need never miss a bet (unless you’re in the theatre!).

Unfortunately, the results I recorded failed to scale the claimed heights. I began following this in July before the Premier League restarted, and there were many games from obscure leagues put up, where liquidity was sometimes problematic. The bets are nearly always placed in the over/under goal markets, usually between minutes 50 to 60 (but not always) BACKING at an average of 1.528, meaning you need to win two for every one loss just to break even.

I didn’t record 100% of the alerts early on, though I have been doing this for the past month. The early results weren’t encouraging and the operator changed tack and set up a new £50 Betfair account on July 18th, liability 10% per bet. By July 22nd this had gone, and he set up a new £50 account with promise of a full refund if it wasn’t doubled. Well, it hasn’t been doubled yet, but neither has it been blown. This though is all a far cry from that £200 a day I was looking forward to.

So, to recap – this is a great service from an operational point of view. Unfortunately, it hasn’t done the business on the money. I ended up -9 points from 118 bets at level stakes with a 62.7% strike rate, so I’m afraid it’s a fail. I do hope James can get back to the drawing board and increase his strike rate, because if the figures were right this would be a great way of betting.

You can try Live Betting Alerts here