I have an apology to make.  Last week I incorrectly reported a loss as a ‘no trade’.  The market was so unusual in the Asian session with a very small range, so I decided to leave the trade alone.  However I have corrected last weeks figures below sticking strictly to the system rules.  The affected day was Wednesday 13 November:

Monday 11 November: No Trade

Tuesday 12 November: No Trade

Wednesday 13 November: -120 Bank £997 

Thursday 14 November: No Trade

Friday 15 November: -120: Bank £967


Monday 18 November:120 Pips Bank £937

Tuesday 19 November: No Trade

Wednesday 20 November: +60 Pips Bank £951

Thursday 21 November: No Trade

Friday 22 November: -20 Pips Bank £946

The starting bank was £1000 so we are still £54 down.