Another product from the same stable as Winners To Losers, TAPS (The Alternative Punters Syndicate) brings us the strangely named Tyche Windfall.

The Tyche Windfall system is a backing system and arrives as a protected eBook containing easy to follow instructions. The criteria are fairly straightforward and can be checked in about 15 minutes using the Racing Post web site. For those who want to take the pain out of the selection process, there is an associated email service where the tips are sent to you on a daily basis.

If you subscribe to the associated email service, then you also receive selections for another backing system called the Chrysos System – the details of which have never been published.

Staking can be done at level stakes, or using a progressive plan. The recommended method is the progressive plan with the initial stake set at 4% of the daily starting bank. Stakes are ratcheted, so do not decrease on a loss.

For the trial, I’ll start with a bank of £500. As staking is set at 4% of the daily starting bank, the initial stake will be £20. Bets are placed on Betfair at Betfair Starting Prices. For reporting purposes, winning results are shown net of 5% commission.

I’ll be conducting a long-term test of both of the Tyche Windfall and Chrysos systems.

Results for Tuesday 12th January

Tyche Windfall
12:50 Southwell – Bo McGinty – LOST (-£20.00)
12:50 Southwell – Tartatartufata – LOST (-£20.00)
14:05 Lingfield – Glen Lass – WON @ 2.5 (+£28.50)

Daily P/L: £-11.50
Current Bank: £489.50
Next Stake: £20.00


No selections!

Daily P/L: £0.00
Current Bank: £500.00
Next Stake: £20.00