Three selections for today, all of which placed, but not quite as was needed for a full house.

15:35 Musselburgh
Master Beau
Stake: 1 point EW.
Finished: 2nd of 12.
BFSP: 1.83 (1.24).

16:10 Musselburgh
Dark Ben
Stake: 1 point EW.
Finished: 1st of 8.
BFSP: 5.40 (1.99).

16:45 Musselburgh
Ubi Ace
Stake: 1 point win.
Finished: 3rd of 6.

Profit for today: 3.35 points.
Profit to date: 25.97 points.

A nice return, shame that the last didn’t do the business, otherwise would have been a very good day.