This is my final review for my test of the Longshot King service.

Longshot King is a horse racing backing membership service, with selections available via a member’s website, and by e-mail. The cost of the service is in US Dollars, at $47 for each thirty-day period.

The service provides both each way and win selections, according to the website concentrating on “higher class and competitive racing”. I took this to mean that there may not be bets every day (and I was correct with that particular thought), and that there would be more selections for the festival meetings and weekends.

During the test, I showed results to Betfair SP. Of course, different results may have been obtained with bookmakers, and by placing bets earlier in the day, including those offering the Best Odds Guarantee.

The advice was to back win selections to a one-point stake, and for each way selections for a stake of one point each way.

Until the latter part of the test I did not receive the selections by e-mail, but as when selections were made, they were shown on the members’ website fairly early in the morning. The only issue I really had with this is that if the day was without any selections, I found myself checking the site, only to find no mention of the fact that there would be no bets for that particular day.

The test ran for fifty-nine days (19th January to 18th March). There were fifteen days where no selections were issued.

The results were as follows:

Selections: 153
Withdrawn or abandoned meetings: 12 (3 Non runners, 9 due to abandonments)
Total: 141

Selections to win: 45
Wins: 6 (Strike Rate: 13.33%).
Stakes: 45 points.

Each way selections: 96
Wins: 10 (Strike Rate: 10.42%)
Placed: 27 (Strike Rate: 28.13%)
Stakes: 192 points.

Total profit was 51.91 points.

At £10 per point, that makes a profit of £519.10. The cost of the service at $47 per thirty days, with the current exchange rate of around 1.60, makes a payment due of around £29.38, which achieves a net profit of £460.34, which is a pretty reasonable return in my view.

Apart from the “teething” troubles I had, the only note of caution I would have is that a service of this nature will have some losing runs. During the course of the test, the win selections had a losing run of 14, and also of 16, the each way selections had one losing run of 18, one of 9 and another of 6. So apart from the staking plan advised, I am struggling to think of a staking plan that would not have a bank wheezing for breath.

Bearing in mind the performance of the selections during the test, and the word of caution regarding losing runs, I am happy to place this service in the approved category.

You can join The Longshot King here:

February 2014

We reviewed and approved this service back in March 2011 making 52 points profit in 59 days of our trial. The service actually generated 274 points profit to level stakes in 2010 and in the whole of 2011 it made 304 points, which is really excellent.

However, in 2012 it had a torrid time and ended up losing over 100 points which would have blown the bank of anyone joining around that time. We moved the service into the Neutral section and advised to watch it to see if it recovers.

At that point Richard suspended the paid access and then opened it up as a free service to the public and has since then been working to bring the service back to the levels of 2010 and 2011.

I had a chat with Richard and he openly admitted that the service had suffered due to too many selections and has been testing limited selections for some time now which has seen a big difference in the results.

If you go to the site you can see what has been happening and its clear that Longshot King is still capable of producing very solid results. Over the last 21 months the service has made 578 points to level stakes.

Richard is now advising smaller stakes but with a betting bank of 200 points where previously it had been 100 points.

He has added his own betting bank managers tool to the members area which allows you to take profits when certain milestones are reached whilst protecting your bank and making sure you have the right level of stakes available.

I am happy to move this back in to the Approved Services section on the blog.


You can join The Longshot King here: