This is a trading system based on backing horses (mostly short-priced favourites) at bookmakers and laying them minutes later at the exchanges. Unique to LT is that it makes use of two key bookmaker promotion features: the first is BOG and the second you can discover on purchase. It is these two features that enable profits to be made on the vast majority of trades with only a few small losing trades. Indeed, it is these two features that provide the loophole compared to normal trading or normal hedging. LT is actually a form of hybrid trading as it sometimes involves trading within the bookmaker too.

Al Gibbs, the creator of this system, reports that he was able to take advantage of this loophole for 2-3 months (before being gubbed) mainly using just two bookmakers. Using what he called his safe (low-risk) method he made £2093.58 after 275 bets. So an average of £7.61 a trade and practically a straight line up on the graph below. In fact, 97% of these trades ended in profit. He used £250 per bet, but since this is trading that amount is not at risk. The more accounts you have access to, the more profit you can make. For this profit, one would need a starting bank of about £1000-£1100 split into £250 for each of the two bookies and £500-£600 for the Betfair exchange. A larger bank would enable you to stake higher (using more bookmakers) and cover more selections. However, you can begin with as little as £100. Since you’re only paying a one-time fee of £97 (plus VAT) to join, then it doesn’t matter if you only average £1 profit per bet when learning/practicing the system.

One will inevitably be gubbed at the bookmakers making extensive use of the two loophole features. However, if one spreads one’s bets out over a number of bookies, gubbings can be delayed. There are many suitable bookies available to UK punters including (in order of preference for LT): Bet365, SkyBet, Paddy Power, William Hill, BetVictor/Parimatch, Betway, Vbet, Livescorebet, Betfred, Coral, VirginBet, 888, Ladbrokes, BoyleSports and QuinnBet. Two more have been recently added to the LT list (in no particular order): Grovesnor Sports, and Netbet.

There is a step-by-step user guide and a built-in calculator that caters to every possible trading scenario.

You need to be around before each race (at least 15 mins and up to 30 mins beforehand) to place bets. There is currently evening and always weekend horse racing for those unable to use LT during the working day.

Loophole Trader’s one-off payment of £97 plus VAT comes with no subscriptions or extra charges.

I am happy to approve Loophole Trader. Anyone who has access to a couple of the bookmakers listed above should be able to make weekly profits for a couple of months. And if you have the time and access to many of the above bookmakers, you could make £200 per week for several months making you thousands.

Currently, time considerations prevent me from doing an ongoing review. But I have checked the workings carefully and everything is above-board. I fully approve of The Loophole Trader.

You can sign up here.