I shall be trialling Losing Lays over a long period which should give us an pretty accurate picture of its capabilities. I am not a great friend of laying systems but I happened to see some recent results and they were impressive, so I am looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.

The selections are available the previous evening, so that’s useful for 9-5 workers. It is suggested that you lay to a liability of 3-5% of your betting bank and set a top lmit on odds of 11.0. In order to avoid confusion of bank sizes and staking, I shall use level stakes of 1 point per lay so that we can see clearly what the results are. If the service works, how to bet is a decision for the individual bettor.

I received two selections for today and unfortunately, they were the worst possible since they both won and cost us 6.5 pts. However, there is plenty of time to reverse this result and no system/service should be judged in the short-term. We’ll see how it goes in the coming days.