8 weeks of this service now, time to bring the trial to a close. I sorry the results havent been good because I have been impressed with the authors efforts to make his system work.

For example, during December, when it was apparent that the results werent as hoped, he modified his method and started to send out mails 15 minutes before the start, to confirm or cancel a selection and this undoubtedly saved many a disaster. However, this means that the service has to be monitored throughout the day, so now it can no longer be handled by a bot, or someone with a day job.

Still, there are plenty of people who can manage this, so what matters are the results. Is it profitable? Unfortunately, I have to say it isnt. The system accepts lays of up to 14.5 odds and while the majority of selections are well below this, a winner at 13.8 on 9th January dealt it a severe blow. It has been fighting back since then and has since clawed back over half the deficit in the last three weeks. However, it has lost money steadily, so I don’t have much choice in rating it. The strike rate has been good at around 80% but, like most laying systems at level stakes, this needs to be in the mid-Eighties to make a profit and few have managed it in my experience.

A Failed rating, therefore, but maybe with possibilities. I wouldnt mind re-visiting this service in a month or so to see if results have taken a turn for the better.

Final Bank -11.9pts
Strike Rate 80%
Average Odds 7.21

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