This is the end of the second month of this trial and I’m very pleased with how it’s progressing so far:

I’ve won another €68 in Bonus Blitz prizes which takes my total prize winnings in the two months up to £287.56.

Even if I had been paying the monthly subscription I would be very nicely in profit, but the fact I have introduced others means that I actually play for free, and you only need to introduce three other people to play this for free, making it an entirely risk free, automated, passive income.

If you know anyone that you think would like to play for free, you simply point them to the website and let LottoSpring do everything else. The chap that introduced me to LottoSpring has already won thousands of Euros, all tax free too.

Of course there is always the chance of winning huge payouts but even getting regular small winnings soon adds up, especially if you’re not paying for the tickets!

Let’s see how I get on this month.

You can join Lotto Spring here: