A couple of weeks ago one lucky lottery ticket holder scooped a massive £115 million win in the New Years Day draw. Just imagine what a life you would have if that were you?

But there is a smarter way to play than buying individual tickets. I have been a member of the Lotto Spring syndicate system since April 2017 and I have personally won £780.24 so far:

The best thing? It’s costs me nothing! I get a full 100% refund every month.

Here’s a video I did last year showing my account:

In short, I have 100’s of chances of winning 4 of the biggest lotteries in the world, every single week, for FREE.

So, how can you play the lottery for free?

It’s simple! Join the LottoSpring syndicate club and invite 3 others to join using the marketing tools they give you.

Referring 3 other players is SO easy. Think about it – the average person has about 400 friends on Facebook. 1 in 3 people regularly play lotteries. So that’s about 130 friends that you may have online who already play lotteries. If just 3 of those saw the benefit of playing via LottoSpring (who doesn’t want to play for free?), you’d be playing for free every week in 4 of the world’s biggest lotteries.

And then don’t forget this doesn’t only appeal to people who already play the lottery. For instance, I have rarely bought a lottery ticket outside of the syndicate. To me it just doesn’t make sense to buy individual lottery tickets, but when I was shown the LottoSpring syndicate club it just made total sense. It’s mad not to play when you can play for free.

Even if you think you can’t invite 3 other players, why not join and actually try? You might be surprised at the results.

Join Lotto Spring today and get a full refund every month just by inviting 3 other players:

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