I’ve looked at a couple of lottery syndicates in the past and this new one looks like it might be worth a punt.

There are plenty of lottery syndicates around and essentially they work by recruiting members who pay a monthly or weekly subscription towards global lotteries and any winnings are shared out between the particular groups that win anything. By being part of a syndicate, your chances of winning are massively increased but this is of course diluted by the fact that any winnings are shared between the syndicate members.

What caught my interest about this one in particular is that at the moment it’s free to join, you can win $25 just for registering, you don’t have to enter any credit or debit card details and there’s a way that you can play in every lottery, six days a week, for free.

In fact the chap that introduced this to me has so far won €3,470 over the last eighteen months, entirely for free.

They are launching an upgraded service on June 6th which has even bigger jackpots and will include Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, PowerBALL and Mega Millions. These are four of the biggest jackpot lotteries on the planet and between them create €2.38 billion.

Like most lottery syndicates, they use the network marketing model to grow the business, so as a subscriber you’re encouraged to share the website on social media etc and if you introduce three others then you play for free. There’s no requirement to do this though and you can simply play by paying the monthly subscription.

Anyway, I’ve signed up and will see how I get on. Lotteries are of course a gamble and should be regarded as a bit of fun. But if you can play for free and be in with a chance of winning something big, then it’s a bit of fun that could turn into something worthwhile.

There are a couple of useful videos explaining how it works at this website: