I took notice of this service, which  is hosted by the Betting School Insiders Club, a proper horse racing service, when Darren Power, who runs it, said of the service:

“These results are amazing…  …if I hadn’t seen the proofing mails come in before racing with my own eyes I’d have thought these were made up results. I truly believe that these are the best results I’ve ever seen from a tipster”

Brett Love is a former West Brom soccer player whose career was cut short by injury, and he turned to the family business of horse racing. I began monitoring this service at the start of February, and it didn’t live up to Darren’s plaudits early doors, plunging to a 40 point deficit within a month. Brett wears his heart on his sleeve, and you could see from his posts that he was hurting at this stage. However, if you look at the results you will begin to see what the service is about. You will hardly ever see a tip below 4.0 and the average BSP price during the trial was 13.48, so the strike rate is obviously going to be low. But he finds winners, and it’s clear he makes a consistent long-term profit. Darren’s monitoring of the results before my trial is consistent with the profitability. But you have to be prepared to assign a bank and stay with it. I think a 100 point bank would be OK but 200 point would be ultra safe.

During the trial, Brett ran his main bank but he also bets the festivals as stand-alone accounts which subscribers to the main account get as a free extra.

Here are my results:


Bets: 117    Points invested: 177     Wins: 10     Places: 12   Losses:95

P/L Advised: -4.75     P/L Achieved: -37     P/L  BSP: -32

ROI Advised: -2.68%     ROI BSP: -18.1%


Bets: 41    Points invested: 55     Wins: 2     Places: 1   Losses:38

P/L Advised: 37.25     P/L Achieved: 37.25     P/L  BSP: 61.64

ROI Advised: 67.72%     ROI BSP: 112.07%


Bets: 34    Points invested: 44.5    Wins: 2     Places: 5   Losses:27

P/L Advised: 45.75     P/L Achieved: 40.25     P/L  BSP: 35.61

ROI Advised: 102.8%     ROI BSP: 78.65%


Bets: 33    Points invested: 50     Wins: 4     Places: 3   Losses:26

P/L Advised: 60.8     P/L Achieved: 32     P/L  BSP: 55.16

ROI Advised: 121.6%     ROI BSP: 110.32%


Bets: 225    Points invested: 326.5     Wins: 18     Places: 21   Losses: 186

Strike rate: 17.33%

P/L Advised: 139.05     P/L Achieved: 72.45     P/L  BSP: 120.41

ROI Advised: 42.5%     ROI BSP: 36.87%

For the sophisticated investor, joining this service looks to me a bit like a no-brainer. You can sometimes get the impression that a service which has relied on a big-priced winner coming in has been lucky. But my feeling is Brett’s results have nothing to do with luck. If anything, he has suffered bad luck with some of the close calls, like the short head second at Ascot which would have given him another 16.5 points profit. There are plenty more examples.

Overall the service has been occasionally bitty, as Brett has suffered some health issues. He has stated that he is much better at flat racing than jumps, though his Cheltenham and Aintree results are pretty impressive. I also have found it difficult at times to find his advised odds, and so it’s very important to react quickly to his tips (which arrive by email). But the profit achieved to BSP is also impressive, and that’s because he looks for the better class races where there’s plenty of liquidity. As he finds consistent value in prices, I did consider trading the picks, but truth is that as many of the runners are 21.0 and higher, the Betfair prices are bigger and trading them isn’t a consistent option. It’s worth looking at prices below 11.0 for trading though.

All in all, I have found this to be an exciting service and am very happy to recommend it, but only to those investors who understand and are happy with a 17% strike rate. At £59.99 a month, this isn’t cheap. But even at £10/point stakes you would have made a very healthy profit over the trial.


To join the service, click on this link Loves Racing Subscribe