Last weeks new trade was a loser unfortunately but we are told to expect more losing trades than winners, but that we make a lot more on the winning trades.

This week I got to move my stop again on my current trade and there were four new trades to enter. However, only one of those qualified for my protfolio due to my minimal trading bank. When I entered the details into the trade bet calculator it told me I had insufficient funds to place the trade, so I left it.

Unfortunately for me I didn’t read the e-mail from LS Trader admin until this morning. Apparently there is a technique for placing trades below the IG Index minimum stake requirement and that if I was told I had insufficient funds then I should have used this technique to get in at 35p a pip.

Well, I just checked the trade and it has already moved 323 pips into profit! Probably a tad late for me to get in on it now. Lesson learned, read the e-mails from LS Trader!