As many of you know I’ve been doing pretty well day trading the currency markets over the last six months and I know that quite a few people are now using my method themselves to enjoy the same success.

However, I’ve also had quite a few e-mails from people that haven’t been able to take advantage of this system because they simply don’t have the available time to run it during the day.

Well this week one of my bloggers told me about a trading service that could well be the solution.

With this service you spend just fifteen minutes a week placing and managing your trades. There’s no need to sit watching the screens during the day, all you do is get a weekly e-mail, go to your IG Index account and place your trades or manage existing trades by moving your stops and thats pretty much all there is to do. You can do the lot in 15 minutes on a Monday morning and then get on with your life.

The company is called LS Trader and I have signed up with them this week after doing my due diligence. I will be posting my weekly results, as always, on the blog but I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about it in advance as it offers exactly what a lot of you have been looking for.

The system has been run over the last 26 years with average profits in excess of 150% per annum. It’s been traded with real money over the last three years with profits of 144.57% in 2006, 116.70% in 2007, and a whopping 1650% in 2008. You can see the proof with live screen shots on the website.

I’ve heard some very good things about them from various reputable sources (who have confirmed the published results) and I have been impressed with their prompt replies to my e-mails. When I joined I got a login to the members website where there is an online calculator that works out your trades for you and pdf files to download that explain everything. You don’t need any experience of trading at all and if you do struggle, the support e-mails are usually answered within an hour.

On a Sunday evening the trades are uploaded to the site so all you have to do is login, go to the calculator, enter the amount of money you have in your IG Index account and click the button. It will then tell you exactly what trade to open, and ask you to enter the current market price (which you get from IG Index). You click on Calculate and it will tell you exactly how much to bet per pip, and how big to set your stop loss. This is all calculated taking into account the size of your betting bank so it is in effect managing your bank for you. You repeat the process for the rest of the trades loaded in the calculator, so if there are five trades in the calculator, you will open all five knowing that the money management has been taken care of. Placing each trade should take about a minute and each week there are between one and ten trades… so you are not exactly going to be rushed off your feet. The only other thing to do is to adjust the stops on trades you are currently in and pressing another button on the calculator brings up a list of the trades that need their stops moving.. with, of course, the level to move it to.

Thats all there is to it. I will be getting my first trades tomorrow night and obviously I won’t be able to report on my exact trades but I will report over the coming months on my overall profits, ease of use and what I generally think about the service.

One final thing, the service comes with a sixty day unconditional money back guarantee so anyone pretty keen on giving it a go can have around eight weeks of trading to see if they like the service. I do know that some of the big publishing companies will be getting involved with this in the new year so it might be worth getting in while the price is low and affordable.

You can find full details here: