I have been testing this service since 8th October and I feel it is time to wrap things up.

Lunchtime Profit Alert is a simple subscription service costing £27 per year, where you receive an email and/or texts on Friday Lunchtime and Saturday Lunchtime. These communications tell you what to bet on, and why, together with a suggested number of points to bet. What I cannot find is advice on how much to bet per point. I will go with £100 per point and see where this takes us.

This is a difficult service to judge. Based on the weekly signals it is a definite FAIL, nearly £800 down and that is after a very rare good weekend which pulled back £165.

On the other hand, the ante-post and long-term bets are up nearly £2,000, based on just this aspect of the service this would be a PASS. Even combining the two signals you still get a £1,200 profit, again a PASS.


The good news comes off a single 22/1 wining trade that is still current (so could still go sour).  Remove the £1,950 from this bet and you do get a totally different picture.

On balance then I am going to give this a NEUTRAL rating.

You can join Lunchtime Profit Alert here: