If you are putting money into cryptocurrency projects, make sure you look at how much the project is investing in legality, compliance and licensing… NOT just the ROI on your money!


Because global regulation of the cryptocurrency industry is being rolled out and as much as 90% of projects will NOT meet the global regulatory standards.

This is why I chose a project that is 100% committed to being the most legal, compliant, and licensed complete blockchain ecosystem in the industry.

They have had over 45,000 billing hours of legal consultation in just the last 18 months!

For 32 months they have been busy putting in place legal structures and licenses in a proactive stance to be ready for what is coming.

No matter how attractive the ROI, now matter how sexy the technology, no matter how enticing the opportunity, don’t forget to investigate how much focus is on transparency, compliance and legality.

For example, every cryptocurrency transaction that enters this ecosystem is put through a AML (Anti Money Laundering) check process that looks at the last 20 transactions those funds went through!

They check what wallets and exchanges that crypto deposit previously went through to look for red flags, ensuring NO crypto enters their ecosystem that is associated with any illegal activity.

It may seem extreme but if a company gets caught accepting funds from illegal activities, then possible money laundering charges can be brought resulting in GAME OVER for that business.

But these guys don’t leave their success to chance.

Below is a photo of their Chief Legal Advisor Baiba Broka who was former Justice Minister for Latvia and is now also part of a panel of lawyers writing the new blockchain regulation for the EU. She is one of 13 lawyers working with this project:

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All this combined with the fact they are building the most complete blockchain ecosystem in the industry gives me great confidence and peace of mind.

I joined their LyoFi Cloud Minting platform in June and have been paid every single day without fail.

To remind you, it pays out every day until you’ve received 3x your purchase price on each server, at which point the minting server passes over to LyoFi who get to keep all future earnings on it.

You don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrency or servers… it’s all very simple to do and I’ve even recorded a short video showing you how to do it.

I’ve been logging into my dashboard almost every day to convert the tokens I get instantly into Bitcoin at with the click of a button. As soon as I have built up €500 worth of Bitcoin, I have been purchasing a new Cloud Minting contract that also pays out 3x and therefore increasing my daily earnings exponentially.

In fact, for the last few weeks they’ve been running a promotion (still ongoing) whereby each minting contract will pay out until you actually get 3.5x so you’re getting an extra 0.5x as a free bonus.

I’ve also withdrawn some profits and can happily confirm withdrawals come through very quickly, sometimes within minutes but usually within a few hours, depending on how busy the Bitcoin blockchain is at the time.

And it averages at around 10% per month, so with a €1000 minting contract you receive €100 per month completely passively until you’ve received €3000 (or €3500 in the current promotion).

This isn’t an “investment” in the traditional sense, because you don’t have any capital tied up in it. You purchase a cloud minting server contract and once purchased, that money is spent, but the contract will pay out tokens every day until you’ve made back 3x (currently 3.5x) of your purchase price. You’re therefore making a 2x (currently2.5x) profit on your purchase.

But if you use some, or all, of your daily profits to purchase further minting contracts, they also pay out at the same time, increasing your daily payments and allowing you to purchase the next one even quicker thus growing your payments exponentially.

And remember… this is all from a company that is 100% legal, 100% transparent, and 100% compliant.

I said two months ago that I believed this to be the best opportunity I’ve come across to date and now, two months later, I’m certain of it.

You can find more details here