I have run this system for one month and kept strictly to the selection criteria. There have been 82 races in total covered. In 50 of the races the runner selected Lost – giving a winning lay selection. In 32 of the races the runner selected Won – giving a losing lay selection.
Of the 32 runners the average odds came out to 2.6.

Taking a figure of £100 per lay per runner at an average odds of 2.6 gives a total liability for all of the 32 runners of £5120. Taking the same £100 for all of the winning lays gives a total profit of £5000, producing overall loss of £120.

Comments: I feel that the selection criteria was a little too simple. The runners selected were all favourites or near favourites – many were odds on which is pushing the system to the limit’s, but possibly part of the system was taking into account that on average only 30% of favourites win their races.

Would I buy the system ? I think not, but by tweaking parts of the selection criteria it may well be possible to run the system at a profit.

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